International Women’s Day - Because of You

International Women’s Day - Because of You

It’s International Women’s Day today and we are so proud to be able to feature such incredibly influential women that have played a huge role in shaping the JORDYN LEAH SWIM label, sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly.

The department of the Status of Women Canada sets a theme for this special day of recognition for the impactful contributions of women in society and commerce and in 2020 the theme is Because of You - the perfect opportunity for us to offer the tribute due to several incredible women without whom JORDYN LEAH SWIM might not exist.

Here’s Jordyn Leah, Founder & Designer of JORDYN LEAH SWIM, to get personal about this important day for women everywhere.

Because of Susan - mother of Jordyn Leah

Because of my mother, I was privileged enough to grow up with a world of love and support.  I absolutely wouldn’t be the woman I am today without my mom - she set a high standard for the depth of strength, assurance, and independence of a woman.  She excelled in her full-time work and still never failed to be fully involved in raising, nurturing, and investing into the development of my sister and I. 

I have so many fond growing up memories to reflect back on because of her - choosing a bunch of DVD movies at Blockbuster (who else remembers this?!) to hang out on the couch together with for hours on end on weekends in, coordinating extracurricular activities like dance and gymnastics, attending every sporting event and performance, throwing me THE BEST birthday parties, and still showing me by example the importance of investing in self-care by her maintenance and beautiful evolutions of the backyard garden.  I’ve always told her, and still believe, that her incredible horticultural talents ought to be featured in all the home and garden magazines.

My mama, I love you with my whole heart and I can’t thank you enough for how you’ve raised me to think for myself and be fully my own woman.  You never tried to mould me into something I’m not and I’ve always felt the freedom to make my own choices, mistakes, and way in life with you there to support whatever direction that shaped my journey toward.  Thank you for showing me what it looks like to be fully and unconditionally loved. 

Here’s to you.  Because of you, I am me.

Because of Carlea - best friend of Jordyn

Carlea is a powerhouse business woman - she founded and grew (and grew!) Lash Up - and an incredible human being who never runs out of love and kindness to give.  She’s honest, caring, and trustworthy, and I’m profoundly honoured to call her one of my best friends. 

Because of Carlea, I have an incredible role model in business and in life, a trusted confidante, a ready partner for events or just an occasional drink or sushi, a super-fun accomplice, and the cheerleader I need when I hit a wall in my plans at business or at life and need to re-strategize. She gives it to me straight to say the least.

Calrea, I’m so incredibly blessed to have you in my life and I couldn’t ask for a better role model.  I cherish our friendship and your kindness and support so much.  The pureness of your heart is such a breath of fresh air. 

Because of you, I am where - and who - I am today. 

You deserve the world.

Because of Kayla - best friend of Jordyn

How can I even express what Kayla means to me?

My twinzie, soulmate, sister.  My day 1 and my last. 

Kayla lights up every room she steps into and uplifts every person she encounters without even realizing it.  She’s been my greatest supporter - believing in me when I didn’t even believe in me.  She’s kept me smiling with her amazing sense of humour and looking on the bright side of things is so needed through the doubts and uncertainties of launching a new business.

Kayla is one of the gorgeous faces of the JORDYN LEAH SWIM label because she believes in me so deeply that she’ll put her own image on my start-up brand.  Not only that, she’s always there for me whenever I need any help at an event, a product photoshoot, or anything else related to working on making JORDYN LEAH SWIM all that I dream for it to be. 

I can’t think of a more positive and supportive friend anyone could have in their life.  Kayla - sister, sidekick, bestie - I simply LOVE you.  You’re honest and caring, hilarious and intelligent, strong and compassionate, and I’m eternally grateful to have you in my life.

Because of you, I know that no matter where each of our journeys take us in life, I will ALWAYS have you to come home to. 

And?  Because of YOU, fellow woman sojourner.  I’ve grown up with the privilege of encouragement, love, acceptance, and guidance from a loving family and wonderful group of friends that gave me the gift of confidence in myself, a healthy self-image, and all the support in the world as I grew into my identity and dreams I wanted to pursue.  
 I have seen that not everyone is so lucky in real life, and as I’ve gained more and more behind-the-scenes exposure into the ugliness that makes those gorgeous fashion brand images that create such deep-rooted feelings of inadequacies in women and girls of all ages, I’ve realized that it’s not enough to JUST make an ethical, environmentally friendly, biodegradable apparel item - I also have to support the the emotional wellbeing of the woman wearing that item because the world is not a female-friendly place.  It’s 2020 and it’s still not okay to happily, gloriously, unapologetically live in your own skin. You’re made to feel like you don’t measure up and the thing you don’t measure up to isn’t even real! It’s a heavily doctored ideation of what generations of advertising efforts have ingrained in women and their daughters as true beauty, and I think it's harmful and long overdue to be discarded into the distasteful annals of fashion history.
I felt driven to create my own swimwear label to be an active part of the solution for the harmful fast-fashion industry.  Along the way, I also saw that supporting Mother Earth’s wellbeing is so closely tied to actively supporting the wellbeing of those who are earth’s mothers.  And daughters, sisters, friends - we share a bond even as strangers because we have, throughout recorded history and even now well into the 21st century, needed to fight for every inch of ground that supports our equal status in society.  
JORDYN LEAH SWIM is a shop.  It is a shop for beach and pool-side wear.  But it is also a dream, a vision, a promise.  JORDYN LEAH SWIM is by women, for women, with love; BECAUSE OF YOU.
Happy International Women's Day my Queens.

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