The Company


Ethical, sustainable, environmentally friendly apparel shouldn’t mean that your love for style and self-expression in fashion should suffer.  JORDYN LEAH SWIM has fused together the best of love for the environment with love for style - we’re on a mission to offer the best sustainable swimwear fashion in the world!  

We want to see the hugely harmful practice of fast fashion end and we believe that one of the best ways to help make that happen as soon as possible is to create the change we want to see.  

Fashion is incredibly important because it’s the method of wearing your identity as unique artistry on the canvas of your body.  We do NOT want to riot against fashion; we just want fashion to be mindful, ethical, and GOOD - good for you, good for Earth, good for life.



Beautiful fashions shouldn’t mean that you have to punish yourself into a Photoshopped beauty mold that isn’t even based in reality.  

At JORDYN LEAH SWIM, we promote real beauty - the skin you’re in right now is perfect right now and we want to support you in your journey to self-acceptance and self-love.  That’s why part of our promise to every woman is that we will never alter the bodies of our models in any of our imagery. We support all versions of beautiful.