New Collection of Eco-Friendly Swimwear Released by Canadian Label JORDYN LEAH SWIM

New Collection of Eco-Friendly Swimwear Released by Canadian Label JORDYN LEAH SWIM

JORDYN LEAH SWIM Offers Gorgeous New Designs for the Ethical Shopper

Summer 2020 just got a whole lot more SPICY!

JORDYN LEAH SWIM is proud to present our just released Summer 2020 Collection of ethically made, eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable swimwear - now featuring a gorgeous red as a colour choice for the first time, aptly named ‘spicy’.

Creating a collection of show stopping pieces that also must meet the strict requirements of quality and environmental sustainability we abide by is no easy feat, but with the label’s founder and designer at the helm, it all came together once again.

Now that the Summer 2020 Collection has officially been released, we wanted to share some behind the scenes of it all with you.

Here’s Jordyn to share everything from the inspiration for this collection to what’s next for the JLS label.  


Q: What was your inspiration for this collection?

Simply put, for this collection my inspiration was YOU.

I feel almost selfish in saying this, but the first JORDYN LEAH SWIM collection was very much about me.  It was about discovering who I was as a designer and founder of a label that wants to make a positive impact on the world and validate the worth of every woman it touches. It was a collection that celebrated everything about the curves and skin of a woman who feels most complete in the places where the oceans envelope her skin. It was so much about me as a person and the dreams I wanted to share with the world.  

With this collection, it’s like all of that has grown up and it’s grown beyond myself.  It’s not ‘my dream’ anymore; it’s ‘our dream’ now.  

I wanted to take everything I learned through and from my first collection and make it about the woman who would wear the pieces in this collection, not about just me wearing this collection.  

The lines, cuts, shapes, and colours were all carefully chosen so that they would feel incredible and look amazing across shapes, skin tones, and ages; and they can be worn just as comfortably at a backyard family barbecue as they can be beachside.


Q: What’s your personal favourite piece in this collection?

I love every piece for different reasons. Right now I would say that I can’t get enough of the VANESA top combined with the KAYLA bottom. I find that’s it’s such a beautiful and flattering combination for so many different shapes and sizes.



Q: How did you choose the name for each of your pieces?

The names are in honour of really special and loved women I’m so lucky to have in my life.

Vanesa is my step-mom. She’s been in my life for more than 11 years now and because of her I have an amazing little step-sister who lights up my life. Vanesa inspires and encourages me through the challenges of life and I’m grateful for her.

Kayla and Carlea are two of my closest friends. I can’t say enough about how awesome, inspiring, fun, and just GOOD these two women are. I can’t imagine my life without them. 



Q: What were some of the challenges you faced in creating this collection?

I wanted to create a line of pieces that embodied that high-fashion feel but was wonderfully wearable for the everyday woman, and women exist in many different shapes and sizes.  Balancing beautiful fashion with versatility in how the lines embrace all sorts curves was definitely a challenge.

Colours are also such an important part of feeling great and looking fabulous. Find the right selection of colours that would complement all skin colours and tones was a tough job but it was well worth it in the end. 



Q: What was your favourite part of the process from concept to completion for this collection?

Hands down, the hugest moment was when I finally held the first design prototype in my hands.  It represented the culmination of countless hours of sketching, sourcing, cutting, and piecing - holding the embodiment of all that effort and energy in my hands was so validating and rewarding. 



Q: Was there anything this collection taught you?

When I have the idea all thought out, I want to go from there to ‘release it!’ in the time it takes to snap my fingers. But there’s a very important process that has to take place to make sure that every piece is perfect and I’ve really learned to just accept that process and take my time at every stage of the process.



Q: Has the JORDYN LEAH SWIM label gone through any changes over the course of this collection becoming a reality?

There has definitely been an evolution of the label alongside the designer journey growth I’ve experienced myself as the founder of the label.

With this collection, there’s a more developed and intentional component of inclusivity for different body sizes and shapes. It’s something that has become more important to me to intentionally support since the last collection and I’m so pleased that I’ve been seeing positive feedback in recognition of this effort.  

The label has a soul that breathes for all things ocean and yearns always to be ‘where ocean meets skin’. It’s always going to be about channeling that seaside bliss, and through the process of this collection the label has grown in depth of embracing the varieties of the skin part of that.  



Q: What’s next for JORDYN LEAH SWIM? 

Designing, creating, and releasing a collection can be such a rollercoaster of emotions, and it certainly has been that throughout this collection. It’s also been deeply rewarding and has grown me as a designer and the label in its commitment to the core values I first started it all on.  

Things to come will continue to grow from this critical foundation and one thing that I can share about what’s next is the addition of a new fabric we’ll be able to create with in the next year.  

The fabric has all the qualities that must get signed off on in order to be part of the JLS line - sustainable, fully biodegradable, and ethically produced - but with an almost unbelievable buttery soft feel that I still can’t quite believe is actually real.  It’s like if melted butter and cashmere got together and made a baby - this fabric would be that baby.  

I’m already in full-on dream mode with ideas on how to create designs that feature the full luxury of this fabric, and I can’t wait until that’s something ready for women everywhere to own.  


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