JORDYN LEAH SWIM is a sustainable, ethical, fully biodegradable, born-in-Canada fashion label for wanderlusting souls who want gorgeous swimwear they can not just look fabulous in, but also feel great about wearing and supporting.  

Ethical fashion and sustainable apparel - and any other term referring to environmentally friendly fashions - can be hard to to get real information about. 

Is it truly designed, sourced, manufactured, and distributed ethically?  

Or is it just green hype marketing to cash in on consumer demand for products and services created and sold with care and consideration given for the impact the process has throughout the supply chain?  

It can be confusing to try and understand what you’re truly getting when something is labeled as being eco-conscious.

That’s why JORDYN LEAH SWIM is committed to not just creating gorgeous designs in fashion-forward swimwear you’ll love to wear, but also to the cause of sharing with you the process of how we design, source, manufacture, and offer the finished pieces to you.