JORDYN LEAH SWIM has made the strong commitment to continuously educate ourselves and uphold the responsibility we have to you and to our environment.
Sustainable fashion is about more than today.  It’s about changing one thing right now that reduces the impact created on the earth or its people and creatures, and then exploring the next thing that can be done to reduce that impact some more, and the next thing after that. 


JORDYN LEAH SWIM pieces are made from a newly developed fabric that holds up incredibly well to wear, feels nearly as if it were just a second skin, and when the piece no longer brings joy to your life and you wish to dispose of it, you can throw it right into your recycle bin! Once it travels to your local landfill it reacts to the soil nutrients and gasses emitted for the degrading process to be activated.

One of the first questions we get asked about our biodegradable swimwear pieces is, “does it start deteriorating right away and disappear off of you when you’re wearing it?”

Answer: No, absolutely not.  

 In fact, not only does it NOT begin to degrade immediately or when coming in contact with water or other elements, our eco-friendly swimsuits are made to last for as long as you want to keep loving them.  


We pledge to work with manufacturing houses we can be proud to be in business with because they hire employees well, treat them well, pay them well, and provide clean, safe, and supportive working conditions.  

We’ve therefore chosen a manufacturer that hand cuts and sews our designs in Brazil. They are a small, ethically operated business that values its workers and supports the local community they operate in.


Ethical is the promise of looking out for the best interest of all those we encounter along the way of existing in the fashion industry and working for the purpose of bettering everyone we touch.

Part of this, for JORDYN LEAH SWIM, means that we do not create artificial beauty ideals in any of our imagery for our ethical fashion pieces.  Every woman you see in our photos and videos is accurately representative of who she truly is in real life. We believe in celebrating the skin you’re in right now, at any stage and age.  

In fact, many of our images show women who are not models - they’re our friends, sisters, family, and supporters.  Each a beautiful body and soul exactly as she is right now.  


JORDYN LEAH SWIM stands true as a slow fashion brand. Designing and producing pieces that are the highest of quality while staying true to sustainability. 

We produce timeless and classic garments that are made to last and do not contribute to fast fashion. Our pieces will last many years, many wears and many summer seasons to come.

All of our one pieces, and some bikini tops, are able to double as comfortable bodysuits and crop tops that can be perfectly styled the way you choose. 


Since the very beginning, JLS ships all pieces in either recyclable and/or biodegradable and compostable packaging.

Our shipping boxes are fully recyclable and are made with post consumer products; our zero-waste mailers are made with 100% compostable materials.

Every suit comes with a free reusable, biodegradable and recyclable zip bag that is encouraged for the safe storage of your piece(s). All hangtags, 'thank you' cards and tissue paper are also recyclable and made with post consumer products.


We will continue to do better and be better for you and for our environment. We'll strive to keep bringing you sustainable and quality garments to love and enjoy for years to come.

Being a sustainable swimwear brand is about continuous improvements at every point in the entire supply chain.  By no means is the complete supply chain ever perfect and we’re not pretending it is, but if we can become more conscious of opportunities where one small change at a time can build incredible momentum toward positive change, that’s our ultimate goal.

We’re not in control of every part of the chain involved in getting the final products finished and ready to wear, but wherever we are in control, we actively seek the choice that holds the most good in it. 

We’re committed to being transparent about our products and processes, and about what makes them such a great option for those who want to buy ethically made and beautiful fashion.