We Have Nothing To Cover Up + You Don't Either

 Why JORDYN LEAH SWIM won't alter or edit their models' bodies in any images

Why We Don’t Retouch or Edit Our Models

JORDYN LEAH SWIM is a high fashion swimwear line born in Canada for the purpose of combatting the fast fashion status quo that’s denigrating life and wellbeing in the most vulnerable places and people.

When founder and designer of the brand, Jordyn Leah, put dream into action to make this innovative line of ethical, environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable swimwear label a reality and force for change in the fashion industry, she didn’t set out to specifically incorporate an explicit anti-edit ethos into her product model images and videos.

But does JORDYN LEAH SWIM now have a dedicated rule about NOT editing and altering their models’ bodies? Absolutely, and without apology.

Body Positivity Promotes Human Sustainability

During the process of creating the first set of pieces Jordyn designed, the strength of conviction in why she was pouring her soul into launching her label in the first place created the most natural segue into the inextricably linked realities of sustainability in mental health alongside health of environment and industry.

For every beautiful body and soul is more than a tagline; it's the guiding philosophy for how JORDYN LEAH SWIM carries out its mission for promoting clean, healthy, strong tomorrows "where ocean meets skin"

Because while being part of the cure for the cancer of fast fashion is in and of itself a noble and needed undertaking, can we really feel fully at ease within our collective conscience if, while we dedicate ourselves to that cause with fervor, we neglect the equally important cause of honouring the emotional and mental well-being of humans in our endeavours of showcasing our mission, our brand, and our pieces?

We don’t think we can. The two things are part and parcel of what it means to be ethical and authentic in the world of curing Fast Fashionitis.

So why do we at JORDYN LEAH SWIM refuse to alter the bodies of our models in our image post-production? Because it’s not ethical. It’s not healthy. It’s not true. It perpetuates fantasy beauty stereotypes that fuel anguish, body dysmorphia, eating disorders, health problems, unwellness of mind and emotions, and the host of tensions and problems that crop up in society collectively and in personal lives individually as people (women in particular) feel pressured and coerced into punishing themselves into representations of the beauty constructs being portrayed in the gleaming ads screaming from every billboard, wall, page, and screen.

Should we pursue a healthy lifestyle? Absolutely! Should we hate ourselves if we don’t look like the person in that picture? NO! Unequivocally NO.

What Our Models Say About Body Positivity

Here's what our models said when asked, "What do you love most about your body?"  


Model quote about body positivity

 “What I love most about my body is its strength. I've struggled with body image the majority of my life. Even at my skinniest I have never been “petite”. My shoulders are broad.My stomach isn’t flat. My legs are extremely muscular. I do not have that hour glass figure. BUT eventually I realized that was just my body type. I’m built athletic. I am strong and so is my body. To me there is a lot of beauty in strength and I shouldn’t feel any less beautiful, in or out of a bikini.”



Model quote about not altering body in photo editing

 "What I love most about my body is that is allows me to move. I think we take what our bodies can do for granted. My body gives me the ability to surf, skydive, travel, play with my little sister, and hopefully one day give me the ability to have children. I think our bodies are so powerful no matter what they look like. And I think there is so much beauty in that power. We’re all uniquely different and I think each individual body should be celebrated."

-  DANA  


JORDYN LEAH SWIM takes seriously the belief that in order to truly be an ethical and sustainable label, we must design, create, and showcase our excellent pieces in a way that leaves nothing to be covered up.

We’re so proud to say that we have nothing to cover up. And just as importantly, neither do you.  For every beautiful body and soul is not just a tagline; it's our commitment to authentic image integrity.  Wear that dream swimsuit unapologetically, sis.


JORDYN LEAH SWIM. For Every Beautiful Body + Soul.

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