Ethical is about more than the product, the supply chain from inception to retail, or any collection of things, pieces, or processes involved in the design and manufacturing of apparel goods.

Ethical is the promise of looking out for the best interest of all those we encounter along the way of existing in the fashion industry and working for the purpose of bettering everyone we touch.

Part of this, for JORDYN LEAH SWIM, means that we do not create artificial beauty ideals in any of our imagery for our ethical fashion pieces.  Every woman you see in our photos and videos is accurately representative of who she truly is in real life. We believe in celebrating the skin you’re in right now, at any stage and age.  

In fact, many of our images show women who are not models - they’re our friends, sisters, family, and supporters.  Each a beautiful body and soul exactly as she is right now.  

Another part of our ethical fashion brand ethos is a pledge to work with manufacturing houses we can be proud to be in business with because they hire employees well, treat them well, pay them well, and provide clean, safe, and supportive working conditions.  

We’ve therefore chosen a manufacturer in Brazil to create our designs.  They are a small, ethically operated business that values its workers and supports the local community they operate in.